Brazilian political journalist suffers assassination attempt

Brazilian journalist Roberto Jorge Guimaro avoided an assassination attempt on his way to work at the news site Maracaju Speed, located in the city of Maracaju, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, reported the news site MS Record on Monday, April 16.

"On the evening of March 5, at roughly 8:35 p.m., I was going toward my office when I noticed a black car driving slowly down the same road I was on, going the opposite direction. I noticed that something was wrong, and I activated the electric gate (to enter his office building). When it opened, I noticed that the passenger in the car had a gun in his hand, and then I realized that I would be a victim of an attempted murder. I heard gun shots and I quickly entered the office," Guimaro told the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas.

The journalist covers police and politics for Maracaju Speed and frequently criticizes authorities and violence. "I receive threats daily through anonymous telephone calls or email," he said to the Knight Center.

The case was reported to the police in Maracaju, and investigators have not ruled out the possibility that the attempt was related to Guimaro's work.