Dramatic security video footage shows armed attack on Mexican newspaper's building

The Mexican newspaper El Buen Tono published images and a video from the armed attack the daily suffered more than three months ago, reported the newspaper Milenio on Wednesday, Feb. 15.

Roughly 18 men, armed with AK-47s, set fire to the newspaper's offices Nov. 5, 2011, in Córdoba, a city in the eastern state of Veracruz.

According to the newspaper Vanguardia, the newspaper's security camera videos were confiscated by the Attorney General the day after the attack, but the videos recently were returned anonymously. El Buen Tono criticized the prosecutor for the state of Veracruz, Amadeo Flores Espinoza, for not wanting to publish the video that could allow the public to help identify the suspects, said the newspaper El Universal.

After the attack, a dozen journalists and designers resigned from the newspaper, fearing for their lives, reported El Buen Tono.