Equipment seized from radio stations in Venezuela for not having appropriate broadcast licenses

The Venezuelan National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL) seized equipment from four radio stations in the northeastern state of Mongas for allegedly not having the appropriate license, reported the Press and Society Institute (IPYS in Spanish) on Dec. 1.

The radio stations Activa 93.9 FM, Digital 90.1 FM, Elim Estéreo 90.3 FM, and Rema Estéreo 101.3 FM in the capital of Monagas, Maturin, were all affected by the seizures, reported the newspaper El Tiempo.

According to the Chief Operations Officer of CONATEL, Enrique Quintana, the sanctions against the stations do not "affect freedom of expression" and the Commission "guards the right of those with proper authorization under the law to utilize the airwaves," reported IPYS.

Director Giuseppe Morreale of Digital 90.1 FM said that the broadcaster had already begun the application process but continued operating in the absence of an official response from CONATEL, according to the website La Prensa de Miranda.