Globovisión reporting team denied access to presidential meeting in Venezuela

On Nov. 28, federal officials kept a reporting team from the Venezuelan television network Globovisión from covering a meeting between President Hugo Chávez and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos in the capital Caracas, reported the Press and Society Institute (IPYS in Spanish).

Reporter Carolina Alcalde, cameraman Luis Lara, and technical assistant Freddy Martínez were not allowed to attend the event, despite having sent the required press credentials to the Presidential Palaces' communications office, according to IPYS. After the event, official said that Globovisión did not have the right to participate since they submitted their credentials after the deadline. Other private channels were allowed to attend.

This is not the first time that a team from the broadcaster has faced difficulties covering the president. Two recent attacks by pro-Chávez supporters against reporters from the station were the latest evidence of the tumultuous feud between the television station and the government. Globovisión still faces several charges that could bankrupt the station, including a possible fine of $2 million.

President Chávez frequently criticizes the television station and advised them to change their editorial stance.