International Press Institute condemns recent attacks by politicians against journalists in Latin America

On Monday, April 30, the International Press Institute (IPI) condemned the recent series of verbal and physical attacks on journalists in Argentina, Honduras, and Panamá, allegedly by politicians.

For example, IPI cited the aggressive beating of Argentine journalist Daniel Luna by the president of the city council in Candelaria in the department of Misiones, on April 16.

IPI also noted the death threats against Honduran journalist Rony Espinoza by alleged members of the Liberal Party on April 19, reported the news agency EFE.

In Panama, IPI reported the verbal humiliating of Panamanian journalist Hugo Famanía by president Ricardo Martinelli during an April 19 press conference.

According to IPI's investigations, Latin America was the most dangerous region for press in 2011, with 30 journalists killed. “Organized crime and local politicians were the main enemies of the Latin American press in 2011," IPI said.