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crowd of people silhouette over a Panamanian flag

Attacks on journalists during anti-mining protests reveal growing hostility towards press in Panama

For more than a month, Panama was embroiled in protests against a state mining contract. While covering the conflict, journalists reported use of force and attacks by protesters and police. However, there is no precise record of the number of attacks around the country.

Photo of a gavel and law book

11 laws and bills against disinformation in Latin America carry fines, prison and censorship

Survey of laws and bills that curb and punish disinformation and fake news on the Internet shows growth in Latin American countries. Experts warn of the risk of censorship and self-censorship of journalists.

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In its 40th anniversary, La Prensa from Panama finds itself in a ‘state of alert’ because of civil lawsuits and pending penalties of millions of dollars

Senior management has been able to resolve temporarily the corporation's payments so that the newspapers can continue running, but this is unsustainable as time goes by if the accounts continue frozen for years while the process lasts, said Rita Vásquez, director of La Prensa.