Journalist writes e-book about censorship, independent press in Cuba

Julio San Francisco, part of the Cuban Movement for Independent Journalism, narrates the creation and disappearance of the first private and independent news agency on the island, Havana Press, in a new digital book.

Havana Press only lasted one year because of pressure from the Cuban government
, which threatened journalists with 30-year prison sentences, recalled San Francisco, a journalist exiled in Spain since 1997.

As of now, Cuba is the country with the most journalists forced into exile in 2011.

San Francisco estimates there are roughly 50 independent news organizations in Cuba, such as Carta de Cuba, a non-profit operated out of Puerto Rico and Miami that disseminates the work of independent journalists both inside and outside of Cuba.

The 375-page e-book, Notes for the Study of the Cuban Movement of Independent Journalism is available for $5 from the online store Lulu.