Man sentenced to 21 years in prison for killing Colombian journalist

By Liliana Honorato

The young man who confessed to killing Colombian journalist and political leader Argemiro Cárdenas Agudelo on March 15 was sentenced to 21 years in prison by a Colombian court in the city of Pereira, reported the newspaper El Tiempo.

According to the newspaper El Diario, John Alexánder Jaramillo García, 24, was given a reduced sentence for confessing to the crime. Jaramillo was paid roughly $1,000 to kill the journalist.

Jaramillo apologized to the family of the journalist and said he was not aware that the victim was such an important person, according to La Tarde.

Two journalists in Colombia were killed by hit men during the month of March. Journalist Jesús Martínez was killed March 29. Those responsible for his killing have not yet been found.