March registers record number of attacks against Mexican media

On Monday, April 9, the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City said that Mexico recorded the highest number of attacks against the media and journalists during March in relation to previous months, reported the Mexican Publishing Organization. The attacks include two explosions at the headquarters of a television station and a newspaper, a shooting against a journalist's house, the banning of selling newspapers in a touristic area, threats, and assaults against seven journalists in the state of Oaxaca.

However, April could follow the same pattern since the director of a local weekly newspaper said that he received death threats from the mayor of Zinacantepec, in the state of Mexico, reported the Center of Journalism and Public Ethics.

Raúl González Nova, editor of the weekly newspaper Causa Ciudadana, filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission after being threatened and hit by mayor José Gustavo Vargas Cruz, who said: “I have you sentenced and I will kill you,” according to the statement of the association National Partners of Journalists and Publishers.

The journalist said that the assault occurred after he questioned the mayor about the purchase of a residential house priced at hundreds of thousands of dollars, even though they mayor earns a modest salary, according to the news site Panorama de Puebla Hoy.