Mexico highlighted in new documentary on censorship from Reporters Without Borders

Reporters Without Borders listed Mexico and four other countries in an interactive Internet documentary titled "In the Heart of Censorship" to raise awareness about violations of freedom of expression.

The report chronicles reprisals against Mexican journalists in a section titled, "Mexican Butchery." Reporters Without Borders counted 77 cases of killed and 13 disappeared journalists since 2000. Authorities have not solved most of the cases.

The documentary tells the story of four representative cases of censorship in Mexico through video, audio and text in French. Cases include the disappearance of Alfredo Jiménez Mota, an expert on drug trafficking, from the newspaper El Imparcial in April 2005 in the northern city of Hermosillo; the harassment of Lydia Cacho; the killings of Francisco Javier Ortiz Franco in Tijuana and U.S. journalist Brad Will during a protest in the southern city of Oaxaca in 2006.

Besides Mexico, Russia, Congo, Iran and China were all named "democracies in quotes, countries that enjoy freedom of expression with 'buts,' spaces where information flows but with interference and whose citizens receive filtered messages," said El Mundo.