Official retracts advertising boycott against journalist in Dominican Republic

An official in the Dominican Republic demanded that a reporter stop covering accusations against him or else he would organize a boycott of the program's advertisers, reported the newspaper Listín Diario.

The superintendent of insurance and founding director of the Dominican Liberation Party, Euclides Guitérrez Félix sent his threat to Nuria Piera, producer of the television program, Nuria Investigative Journalism. Piera revealed that the official did not claim multimillion dollar properties in his assets, and had unpaid electrical bills, according to the newspaper Diario Digital RD.

The journalist appealed the charge against her and her advertisers for investigating corruption.

Several journalists and corporate organizations supported the journalist and spoke out against the threats in defense of freedom of expression in the Dominican Republic, according to Diario Libre.

On Tuesday, Aug. 30, Gutiérrez Félix decided to retract his threats against the journalist after meeting with members of the Dominican Liberation Party.