Organizations call on Brazilian president to speed up vote on freedom of information bill

The Forum for the Right of Access to Public Information sent a letter to Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff asking her to speed up the voting process on a public information bill being debated in the Senate.

Knight Center’s e-books reach thousands of journalists in the Americas: 200,000 downloads and counting

E-books published by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas have already been downloaded nearly 200,000 times, read and shared by thousands of journalists, students and professors.

Haiti's journalists struggling to find stability after devastating 2010 earthquake, CJR reports

Haitian news media, crucial for keeping a critical eye on the complex rebuilding effort, is struggling to find sure footing amidst the rubble, reports the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR).

Brazilian television news crew robbed in São Paulo

In the wee hours Wednesday, Aug. 10, a television news crew was robbed near a military police base in the southern zone of São Paulo, reported Folha.com.

Ecuadorian president criticizes press in State of the Union address

For 42 minutes, Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa used his State of the Union address to attack the press, reported Fundamedios.

Two Guatemalan reporters threatened, intimidated by local mayor

In Mazatenango, Suchitepéquez, south of Guatemala City, two journalists blamed the local mayor for threatening and intimidating them, and being physically and verbally aggressive.

Journalists balk as new Bolivian telelcommunications law goes into effect

Bolivian President Evo Morales promulgated a new Telecommunications, Information Technology and Communication Law that establishes new rules for the distribution of radio and television frequencies.

Northern Mexico most dangerous place in country for journalists; prosecution slow and ineffecual

The Mexican Attorney General's (PGR in Spanish) special prosecutor Gustavo Salas Chávez said more journalists were killed in Northern Mexico than anywhere else in the country, according to the newspaper Vanguardia.

Cause of death for Bolivian journalist as suicide comes under suspicion

The Bolivian district attorney said suicide was the cause of death for journalist David Niño de Guzmán, news editor for Agencia de Noticias Fides (ANF), reported AFP.

Spanish ex-journalist sentenced to 7 years in prison in Cuba for child prostitution

A court in Havana, Cuba, sentenced ex-journalist and businessman Sebastián Martínez Ferraté to seven years in prison for the corruption of minors, reported AFP.

Journalists to discuss their role with social media during Crucianelli webinar

Sandra Crucianelli believes that journalists who use social media need to do a better job of interacting with their readers instead of acting like company spokespersons.

Knight Center ethics webinar tackles challenges faced by journalists in the digital age

Rapid changes brought on by the digital age have created new ethical challenges that will be discussed in a Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas's webinar on Aug. 16 from 12–2p.m. (CDT).