São Paulo's anniversary celebrations turn dangerous for Brazilian reporters

Brazilian journalists covering anniversary celebrations for the city of São Paulo were intimidated and attacked by protesters in Praça da Sé, in the city center, on Jan. 25, reported the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo.

The violence started after Mayor Gilberto Kassab exited the Sé Cathedral, where a mass was held celebrating the city's 458th anniversary. Protesters demonstrating against the repossession of land in Pinheirinho and the police operation in the city's "Crackland" tried to deflate the tires of the officials' vehicles to prevent them from leaving square.

When one of the protesters from Xingu was caught and questioned by a reporter for Estado, he threatened and pulled the arm of the journalist after knocking away his camera. Other protesters circled the reporter, making threats until the confrontation was broken up, according to Estado de São Paulo.

Luiz Carlos Murauskas, a photojournalist for Folha, was hit with a rock while photographing two protesters, reported Folha.com.

television crew for Globo was hospitalized and kept from filming the protests. "Protesters circled the reporters and tried to prevent them from carrying out their job," journalist Gabriela Lian told the website Comunique-se.