Universities propose punishments for attacks against Latin American press

More than 20 Latin American universities are participating in the Hemispheric Conference of Universities on Aug. 25 and Aug. 26, organized by the Inter American Press Association (IAPA).

Brazilian office created to promote press security in Latin America

The International News Safety Institute (INSI), in conjunction with the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji in Portuguese) announced the creation of an office in São Paulo, Brazil, to help protect Latin American journalists.

Journalists on trial for defamation in Paraguay

Three journalists from TV station Canal 9 in Paraguay, and the ex-director of the National Television System (SNT in Spanish), Ismael Hadid, are on trial for defamation and libel, according to the newspaper ABC of Paraguay.

Brazilian minister of agriculture resigns, claiming he was victim of media campaign

Following accusations of corruption in the Brazilian ministry of agriculture by the magazine Veja and newspaper Folha de São Paulo, Minister Wagner Rossi resigned on Aug. 17, reported BBC Mundo.

Ecuadorian journalist facing jail presents video evidence against President Correa

Emilio Palacio, the columnist for El Universo sentenced to prison and fined for calling Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa a "dictator," presented a video on Aug. 18 that could back up his choice of words.

Peruvian journalists may have violated prison security rules during interviews

The head of the National Penitentiary Institute of Peru, Wilson Hernández, denounced irregularities in security protocol when the prison allowed the press several interviews with Antauro Humala.

Peruvian journalist attacked by mayor, bodyguards

On Aug. 12, Peruvian journalist Pompillo Peña Ríos accused the mayor of Balsapuerto and his bodyguards of assaulting him in the province of Alto Amazonas, according to the Press and Society Institute.

Online Guatemalan newspaper publishes Wikileaks cables about presidential candidate

Plaza Pública, a Guatemalan online newspaper, published U.S. State Department cables obtained from Wikileaks regarding presidential candidate Otto Pérez Molina.

Report strains relationship between Brazilian Soccer Confederation and Globo Group

National Newspaper, Globo Group's most widely published newspaper, printed a report on Aug. 13 claiming Ricardo Teixeira misused public funds, reported Terra.

Activists and journalists call for law to protect media workers in Mexico

Activists and leaders representing journalists' organizations have proposed a law to protect media workers in the state of Mexico, in the south central part of the country Mexico, reported the newspaper El Universal.

Venezuelan journalist accused of slandering legislator

Actor and Representative Pedro Lander accused Sara Carolina Díaz, a journalist for the El Universal newspaper, of slander before the Attorney General's office in Caracas.

Ecuadorian journalist accused of libel faces $10 million fine

Ecuadorian journalist Peter Tavra Franco now faces a new $10 million fine on top of his six-month prison sentence for libel, reported Fundamedios. Tavra was sentenced on July 19.