Two more U.S. journalists held captive in Libya

Two U.S. journalists are among four foreign correspondents captured by the Libyan military earlier this week, reported USA Today. A Spanish photographer and South African photographer also are being held.

Mexicans march against violence after death of journalist’s son

Thousands demonstrated in the streets of Mexico’s biggest cities against the wave of drug trafficking violence that has left 35,000 dead since 2006. The protests were organized by writer and journalist Javier Sicilla, whose son was one of seven people killed this week in the city of Cuernavaca, Mileno and CDN report.

Venezuelan reporters covering protest held by police for six hours

El Nacional newspaper reports that two of its journalists were arrested by the police while covering a protest by flood victims in the capital city of Caracas.

Freedom of expression groups protest shutdown of community station in Ecuador

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Fundamedios, and Reporters without Borders (RSF) spoke out against the government shutdown of La Voz de la Selva Esmeralda Oriental community radio station in the southeastern Ecuadoran city of Macas, Radio Tierra reports.

U.S. ambassador loses cool in interview with government-allied TV in Nicaragua

The U.S. ambassador to Nicaragua, Robert Callahan, abruptly ended an interview on Libya with Multinoticias Canal 4, declaring “I’m fed up with this, this is only provocation!” Terra reports.

Panamanian president denies petition to allow expelled Spanish journalists to return to country

On Wednesday Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli denied a petition from a human rights organization to allow deported Spanish journalists accused of inciting protests to return to Panama, reported La Estrella.

Eleven journalists and radio stations are Colombian paramilitary's newest targets

Continuing the wave of threats by paramilitary groups against Colombian journalists, a new pamphlet targets 11 community radio stations affiliated with the Cauca Regional Indigenous Council and 11 journalists from diverse media outlets, Reporters without Borders (RSF) reports.

Brazilian court lifts injuction that barred magazine from publishing deceased actress’ letter

In an article titled “the end of censorship,” Caras magazine announced that it was authorized by a São Paulo state court to publish a letter sent by actress Cibele Dorsa, who died after allegedly committing suicide March 26.

Controversy surrounds Mexican journalist’s arrest for money allegedly hidden in gum containers

Mexican journalist Alejandro Suverza was arrested in the Mexico City airport, allegedly carrying $57,000 inside packs of gum and other items, El Universal reports.

Alleged Chávez supporters attack Venezuelan journalists

Venezuela’s National Journalism Guild (CNP) condemned an attack against a press team with the Primero Justicia opposition political party by 40 people carrying state oil company identification, El Nacional reports.

Major Mexican daily considers charging for mobile apps (Interview)

Reforma, one of Mexico’s biggest newspapers and a pioneer in charging for online content, is studying ways to charge for its mobile content, a top executive revealed.

IAPA president, McCormick Foundation receive press freedom awards

Inter American Press Association (IAPA) president Gonzalo Marroquín and the Robert R. McCormick Foundation were honored with Press Freedom Awards this week at the Institute of the Americas in La Jolla, California, IAPA announced.