Police confirm that killing of Brazilian journalist was not connected to his profession

The investigation into the killing of political journalist Auro Ida on July 21 in the Brazilian city of Cuiabá from six gunshots is making progress, announced the Secretary of Security of Mato Grosso, Diógenes Curado. The police claim to have sufficient evidence to prove that it was a crime of passion, said Gazeta Digital.

Despite the authorities' conviction of the crime's execution, they still have not named any suspects. "We're only going to name the killer when the evidence is overwhelming. We're not going to make up a culprit," declared Representative Antonio Carlos Garcia who is responsible for the investigation, the site O Documento reported.

One of the suspects, known as "Baby" was held in the days after Ida's death but was released soon after when the crime's only witness, the victim's most recent girlfriend Bianca Nayara Correa, did not recognize him. Police are investigating two other suspects, both connected to women Ida knew.

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