Police in Ciudad Juarez arrest, threaten, beat Mexican photojournalist

Mexican photojournalist was beaten and arrested by police in the border city of Ciudad Juárez after the police were photographed arresting an indigent person, according to the Center for Journalism and Public Ethics (CEPET in Spanish).

According to Luis Ramírez Sánchez, photojournalist for the newspaper Norte, he was robbed of his camera, identification, cell, and car, reported Una Fuente. He then was taken to a police station where he was locked in a dark room and kept incommunicado. He also was handcuffed and made to ride in a patrol car for five hours toward a zone known for being a place where human corpses are often dumped as he was threatened repeatedly that he would be killed, according to the newspaper El Monetario.

Police defended their actions, arguing the photojournalist has interfered with their police work, explained the newspaper Norte.

Mexico is considered the most dangerous country in the world for journalists. For more information, see this Knight Center map of attacks on the Mexican press.