Publisher, journalists sentenced to pay $170,000 for criticizing Brazilian judge

The Brazilian Superior Court of Justice sentenced J.L. Editora, publisher of the newspaper Folha do Espirito Santo, and journalists Jackson Rangel Vieira and Hinger Mansur to pay Judge Camilo José D'Ávila Couto for moral damages, announced the court's website.

The judge accused the journalists and publisher of publishing articles that distorted facts and contained slanderous content, reported Última Instância. The articles described Judge Couto as "omnipotent," "young without experience," "vindictive," and "drunk with power." The judge considered them attacks on his honor, public image and personal integrity.

The first verdict was in favor of the judge and ordered damages of nearly $95,000. The defendants appealed the ruling, arguing that the articles in question did not contain offensive material or false information. However, the second verdict increased the damages to nearly $170,000, according to the Judicial Counselor's website.

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