Radio station owner in northeastern Brazil is shot and told to ‘not talk nonsense on the radio’

A journalist in Ceará in northeastern Brazil was shot in the leg and told to stop talking nonsense on the radio.

“They invaded the radio, forced me to yield, told me to lie on the ground and before they shot they shouted ‘this if for you to shut up and not talk nonsense on the radio.’ It is an attack on press freedom,” said Sandoval Braga Júnior, owner of radio station União FM, according to G1.

The attack happened on Sept. 21 in the garage of the radio station, according to Portal Imprensa.

Braga Júnior, who is also director of the Association of Ceará for Radio and Television Broadcasters (Acert, for its initials in Portuguese), said he is critical of politicians in Jaguaruana where he works, G1 reported.

Acert, as well as the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji), repudiated the crime and urged thorough investigations.