Report strains relationship between Brazilian Soccer Confederation and Globo Group

Ricardo Teixeira, president of the Brazilian Soccer Confederation (CBF in Portuguese), has been the target of attacks in the press more than once. This time, however, the National Newspaper, Globo Group's most widely published newspaper, printed a report on Aug. 13 claiming Teixeira misused public funds, reported Terra.

According to Painel FC, the relationship between Globo and Teixeira was stressed by an article alleging the president misused public funds during one of the Brazilian soccer team's games. The same claims were repeated by various other television stations, including CNN, reported R7.

CBF claimed the report was motivated by a change in the Saturday schedule of the Brazilian soccer championship that Globo did not want. CBF said that Globo wants to show independence, despite being involved in the organization of the World Cup of 2014.

Brazilian soccer executives have had other problems with the press, including allegations of illegal activity inside CBF. Teixeira recently sparked journalists' ire when he threatened in an interview with the magazine Revista Piauí to impede their press credentials for the 2014 World Cup. In the same interview, Teixeira said the only criticisms that bothered him were those made by the National Newspaper.