Second Mexican newspaper reports shooting attack in one week

For the second time in one week, an armed group opened fire against a Mexican newspaper's headquarters in the state of Tamaulipas that is commonly harassed by organized crime. The attack happened the night of Friday, May 11, against the newspaper El Mañana of Nuevo Laredo, a city on the Texas border, according to Proceso. Previously, on May 7, another similar attack against the newspaper Hora Cero in the city of Reynosa was reported.

The attack against El Mañana lasted five minutes and caused material damages. No one was hurt during the shooting, reported the newspaper Milenio. This time, the criminal group left a signed note after the attack which was confiscated by the authorities who didn't reveal its content, reported the newspaper El Universal.

On February 6, 2006, El Mañana was the first Mexican newspaper to report a hand grenade attack at its headquarters. Since then, authorities have not found those responsible for the attack. As a result, the newspaper decided to stop publishing news on organized crime in Tamaulipas.

Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists. For more information, see the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas map about attacks on the Mexican press.