Shots fired at Brazilian TV station

Gunmen fired on the headquarters of the Paraná Communication Network (RPC TV) in Maringá, Brazil, on the morning of Aug. 29, reported the Agência Estado.

Witnesses say two men on a motorcycle fired 15 shots in the direction of the television headquarters, affiliated with the Globo Network in the southern Brazilian state of Paraná. The shots broke windows in the guard booth and damaged walls inside the offices and a television screen. There were no injuries, reported the website TN Online.

Osnildo Carneiro Lemes, lead investigator for the incident, suggested the attack could be linked to attempts to combat the drug trade in the region since the station had not recently released any controversial reports, Terra reported. In July, Maringá's city hall suffered a similar attack. Lemes believes the attacks are related.

RPC TV released a statement saying "the case is under investigation by the civil and military police" and reiterated that they "were unaware of any reason for the attack," G1 added.

The Brazilian Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters denounced the attack and urged that those responsible be punished. "This criminal act is obvious intimidation against a well-known broadcaster for its independent editorial style and its dedication to the community's interests," the group said in a statement.