Suspect captured in 2009 killing of Mexican journalist

Police agents in Sinaloa, Mexico captured a suspect in the 2009 killing of journalist José Luis Romero, of the radio program Línea Directa, according to the newspaper Noroeste.

Police said that on Sunday, Aug. 28, they arrested Gilberto Plascencia Beltrán, alias “El Negro” (The Black One), an alleged member of the drug trafficking band Los Mazatlecos, reported Línea Directa. The suspect said he was involved in buying and selling drugs, and he gave the names of persons who kidnapped and killed the journalist in the city of Los Mochis, Sinaloa on Dec. 30, 2009.

The Journalists Association of Sinaloa and the Sinaloan Association of Communicators demanded more evidence about whether the suspect is in fact responsible for the journalist's killing. “Hopefully this is not a strategy to silence the journalists,” said Juan Manuel Partida, director of the Journalists Association of Sinaloa, as quoted by Debate. The group also is pressuring authorities to solve the killing of journalist Humberto Millán in Culiacán on Aug. 24.