Suspects arrested in killing of Peruvian journalist

Police in the northeastern Peruvian city of Chimbote arrested three suspects in connection with the Sept. 7 killing of journalist Pedro Alonso Flores Silva, reported the newspaper Crónica Viva.

The suspects are 21 year-old Emilio José Ciriaco Ágreda, also known as "Macuto;" "El Viejo" Rubén Darío Castillo Antaihua, 38 years-old; and a third named "Alex," according to the Press and Society Institute. Authorities found a firearm, .38 caliber bullets, a ski mask and two motorcycles supposedly used in the attack in Castillo's home, who confessed to participating in the crime.

The crime's mastermind has still not been identified but the mayor of Comandante Noel, Marco Rivero, is under investigation after the victim's sister said the journalist implicated him before he died, according to Prensa Ancashina. The mayor and journalist had a history of disagreements, reported La República.

“The remarkable progress in this murder investigation encourages us in the hope that the police will quickly establish the motive and identify all those responsible,” Reporters Without Borders said.