Television journalist shot upon leaving station in coastal northern Honduras

José Arita, a journalist for Channel 12 in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, was killed just after leaving the station where he works.

The murder, which took place on the night of Nov. 25, involved four men who were waiting for the journalist and began to shoot at him, as the Associated Press reported, citing security spokesman Jair Meza Barahona.

Meza Barahona added that the murder could be related to Arita’s work, the news agency said.

According to El Heraldo, Arita was getting out of his car to buy something at a local business when he was approached and shot.

Arita led the program “La hora de la verdad” (The hour of truth). He complained of being excluded from some press conferences during his last show, according to Honduran freedom of expression organization C-Libre. It added that he said he would invite someone to talk about the new Penal Code “that only helps criminals.”

The Inter American Press Association condemned the murder and called for a thorough investigation.

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