Ten Latin American newspapers publish column that provoked lawsuit from Ecuadorian president

After the Colombian Association of Newspaper Editors and Media (Andiarios) decided to run the opinion column that prompted the libel lawsuit by Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, newspapers all over Latin America decided to follow suit on Thursday, Feb. 23, reported the Ecuadorian newspaper El Universo, the daily being sued by Correa.

Andarios' member publications believe that that the $40 million libel sentence against El Universo is an undeserved and drastic attack on freedom of speech. To show their solidarity, the various publications published the opinion column "No more lies," explained the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo.

The newspapers El Espectador of Colombia, La Nación of Argentina, La Nación of Costa Rica, El Universal of México, El Comercio of Perú, El País of Uruguay, and El Nacional of Venezuela also published the article by journalist Emilio Palacio, who is now seeking asylum in the United States. Other newspapers like Brazil's O Globo and El Nuevo Día from Puerto Rico, were also planning to publish the column.