Three more suspects detained in wave of arrests for killing of Honduran radio journalist

Honduran court ordered the arrest of three more suspects in the kidnapping and killing of radio journalist Alfredo Villatoro, reported the newspaper El Heraldo. The suspects arrested are Marvin Alonso Gómez, Osmán Fernando Osorio Arguijo, and Edgar Francisco Osorio Arguijo, who are accused of conspiracy and illegal arms possession, according to La Tribuna. Their arrests make a total of eight suspects detained for the crime against the journalist, who was the news director for HRN, one of the most influential radio stations in Honduras, said the newspaper La Prensa.

The suspects agreed to turn themselves into police in exchange for having news media present, explained the Committee for Free Expression in Honduras (C-Libre in Spanish).

During the arrest operation, authorities seized two vehicles and searched the house where the journalist supposedly was held after being kidnapped, before he was killed on May 15, reported La Tribuna.

The organization Reporters Without Borders praised the diligence of Honduran authorities in attempting to solve the case. Still, the organization also took the opportunity to "call on the authorities to deploy the same resources in the 28 other – mostly unsolved – murders of journalists" in Honduras.