Upset over an editorial, Brazilian mayor verbally attacks reporter

Marco Aurélio Bertaiolli, the mayor of the city of Mogi das Cruzes in Brazil, verbally attacked via telephone a reporter for the newspaper Mogi News because the politician was upset over a critical editorial, reported Blog do Miro.

The editorial, "Mistake," was published Aug. 2 and cited a report that denounced the lack of MRI machines in the public health system. The editorial also characterized as "unfortunate" a remark the mayor made in an interview with the newspaper, when he said there was no need for such machines in the city.

Following the publication of the editorial, Bertaiolli called reporter Cleber Lazo and insulted and shouted at him. Other journalists and politicians could hear the mayor's swearing, according to Portal Imprensa. The editor of the newspaper published an editor's note defending the journalist, along with a response from the mayor. An opinion piece published Aug. 5 questioned the politician's folly in attacking the reporter.