IAPA condemns confiscation and closure of fourth Nicaraguan news outlet

"The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) condemned on June 20th the confiscation of the Nicaraguan news outlet Trinchera de la Noticia. It pointed out that this is the fourth news media outlet officially shut down in that country as a result of 'hostile actions by the Nicaraguan government.'

IAPA, based in Miami, emphasized that this attack against the independent press is a 'reprisal for its criticism of the regime.'

A resolution of the Judicial Power on June 10 dissolved the company Trinchera de la Noticia and the National Police occupied the premises and confiscated all its assets, as denounced by the director of the site, María Alicia Talavera.

The news outlet was sanctioned 'for disturbing the social peace and refusing to present information in the established time or presenting it incompletely or inaccurately,' according to the resolution."

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