ICFJ and CONNECTAS launch grants to produce stories on corruption in Latin America and the Caribbean

"The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) and CONNECTAS open this call for journalists -independent or linked to media outlets- from Latin America and the Caribbean who want to develop in-depth, high-impact journalistic stories that help expose cases of corruption and abuses of power in the region.

What will you get?

  • Editorial support. Selected proposals will be developed under an editorial partnership with CONNECTAS. You will receive personalized support from an editor from our Editorial Board, who will accompany you from the beginning of the project until its publication.
  • Resources. If your proposal is selected, you will receive funds to cover research expenses and journalistic team fees.
  • Regional Dissemination. Your work will be published in CONNECTAS, the main platform that promotes collaborative journalism in Latin America, as well as in partner media outlets of our Information Community.
  • Journalistic Community. Once you publish your work, you will be part of the CONNECTAS Hub, made up of outstanding colleagues from all over Latin America and the Caribbean.


The reception of submissions will be open until Oct. 30, 2022."

Read the complete call for submissions (in Spanish)