Journalist Carlos F. Chamorro confirms he left Nicaragua for the second time

"Journalist and director of CONFIDENCIAL and Esta Semana, Carlos Fernando Chamorro, confirmed that he left Nicaragua for the second time, after the National Police raided his home on the night of this Monday, June 21.

'My wife Desirée Elizondo and I left Nicaragua to protect our freedom. Doing journalism and reporting the truth is not a crime. I will continue to do journalism, in freedom, from outside Nicaragua,' Chamorro wrote on his Twitter account.

Chamorro denounced that after the police raid on his house, the police besieged the homes of several relatives and workers of his house."


LJR Note: The headquarters of Confidencial, the news outlet that Chamorro founded and directs, was taken over by the National Police in December 2018. It was later turned into a home for expectant mothers. Chamorro went into exilein Costa Rica, but returned to Nicaragua in November 2019. A new headquarters of Confidencial was raided by police on May 20, 2021.


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