Journalist Carlos F. Chamorro denounces search of his house in Nicaragua

  • Source: DW
  • June 22, 2021

"Nicaraguan journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro, winner of the 38th Ortega y Gasset Journalism Awards, denounced on Monday (06.21.2021) the raid on his home as part of the wave of arrests against opposition political leaders and businessmen, with five months until elections in which the president, Daniel Ortega, seeks his third re-election for a fourth consecutive term.


The 65-year-old journalist, one of the most critical voices of the Ortega government, demanded 'respect for the physical integrity of my sister-in-law Amelia Elizondo, Amparo, and Álvaro, the security guard,' who are in his home. The National Police did not report this raid."

LJR Note: The headquarters of Confidencial, the news outlet that Chamorro founded and directs, was taken over by the National Police in December 2018. It was later turned into a home for expectant mothers. Chamorro went into exile in Costa Rica, but returned to Nicaragua in November 2019. A new headquarters of Confidencial was raided by police on May 20, 2021.

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