Peru: César Acuña drops lawsuit against journalist Christopher Acosta

"César Acuña decided to drop his defamation lawsuit against investigative journalist Christopher Acosta and the director of the publishing house Penguin Random House, Jerónimo Pimentel, for the publication of the book 'Plata como cancha.' This was confirmed by Enrique Ghersi, lawyer of Acuña, who is the leader of Alianza para el Progreso (APP) and virtual candidate for the Regional Government of La Libertad.

The appeal, which seeks to put an end to this criminal action, was filed last Thursday, June 2, at the Eighth Criminal Court of Lima.

'Mr. Acuña considered that he should no longer go ahead. He withdrew by personal decision. As it is a private action, he can desist at any time. What follows is for the Eighth Criminal Court of Lima to shelve the case', Ghersi said."


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