Peruvian president threatens to remove State publicity from media that 'misrepresent reality'

"From [the region of] Huancavelica, [Peruvian] President Pedro Castillo severely questioned some media outlets that–according to him– 'misrepresent reality' for reporting that on his visit this Monday [Nov. 22] to Arequipa, a group of people asked for him to be replaced.

Castillo warned that his government will not give "a penny" to media that misinform about his administration.

The executive director of the Press and Society Institute (IPYS, by its Spanish acronym), Ricardo Uceda, criticized what the president said. 'The president has every right to criticize the media. The media's reporting, in turn, can be good or bad, and media can even be sued according to law for their lack of veracity. But the president cannot use public money based on his preferences.""

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