Play about abduction and torture of Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho premieres in Spain

"Lydia Cacho knows she cannot return to her native country, Mexico. She knows about the existence of hitmen hired to assassinate her. She has been in Spain since December 2019. Even so, unable to see her family, exiled, she is happy. She is grateful to be able to walk around the street, live in a neighborhood, stroll at night without having to look back.

But, above all, these days Cacho is happy because she has just premiered, under the direction of José Martret and interpreted by Marta Nieto, La infamia. Her play brings to the stage her testimony, published in her book 'Memorias de una infamia,' in which the Mexican journalist tells how she was kidnapped and tortured by the Mexican State, and was about to be assassinated. The show will run until Jan. 16 at the Naves del Español in Matadero (Madrid)."

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