Latin America and the Caribbean sees decline in recognition of right to information and rise of disinformation: IFEX

  • Source: IFEX
  • August 9, 2021

"This region has seen a decline in its historical progress towards recognizing the right to information – despite an important new regional treaty in the area. A shortage of credible information in relation to critical issues, including the fight against COVID, sits in contrast to the abundance of disinformation and misinformation that has submerged the region, not only in relation to the disease and its treatment, but also about broader political issues, in particular electoral processes.

Dissatisfaction with governments’ performance in combatting the pandemic, as well as with long-standing structural issues that preceded COVID-19, is starting to renew protests across the region – protests that had been halted by the emergence of the health crisis in early 2020. The violence deployed by police forces against protesters has also been observed against media covering these events."


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