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Brazil: Accused of killing journalist Valério Luiz will face a popular jury on March 14

"Practically ten years after journalist Valério Luiz was shot dead when leaving work, in Goiânia, Brazil, those accused of committing the crime, including [the soccer team] Atlético Goianiense adviser Maurício Sampaio, will face a popular jury. The Court of Law of Goiás State will examine the case on Monday, March 14. (...) In the proceedings, […]

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Latin American journalists win 5 out of 6 categories in King of Spain Award

"The investigation and the 'live' storytelling of the great challenges facing Ibero-America and the world such as violence, the environmental struggle, political corruption, social rights or cultural integration, are the focus of the six works awarded this Wednesday, March 3 with the International King of Spain Journalism Awards 2022. The winners, from a total of […]

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Brazil: Reporter is intimidated live by two subjects who prevented her from covering transportation strike in Rio de Janeiro

"The reporter Branca Andrade, from the SBT Rio program, was intimidated by two unidentified men, who prevented her from doing a report at the Alvorada [bus] Terminal, in Barra de Tijuca, in the west of Rio de Janeiro, about a public transport strike in that city. Andrade was broadcasting live on the SBT Rio program […]

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Brazil: Agência Pública launches micro-grants for indigenous reporters

"Agência Pública has open enrollment for the 15th edition of its journalism micro-grants program, this time aimed at indigenous reporters. Five grants of R$ 7,500 (around USD $1,450) will be distributed to the best proposals that address threats to indigenous lands and peoples [in Brazil]." Read the original story (in Portuguese)

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Attorney general of Minas Gerais in Brazil files criminal defamation complaint against journalist

"Authorities in Brazil’s Minas Gerais state should not pursue criminal defamation charges against journalist Thiago Herdy, and should refrain from criminally investigating journalists in retaliation for their work, the Committee to Protect Journalists said Wednesday. On February 16, Minas Gerais state Attorney General Jarbas Soares Júnior filed a criminal complaint and a civil lawsuit against […]

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Brazilian businessman Bottura wins moral damage lawsuit against publication

"Brazilian businessman Luiz Eduardo Auricchio Bottura found an ingenious way to face the lawsuits of hundreds of customers to whom he sold his products and did not deliver. The daring engineer, trained in law, sued them all. He created a hell of a mess and came out on top. Bottura's trick, involved in thousands of […]

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Brazil: 17th Abraji Investigative Journalism Congress will be hybrid

"Among the most important journalism conferences in Latin America, Abraji's International Congress of Investigative Journalism will have an unprecedented format in 2022. For the first time, the event will be hybrid: part online and part in person, in São Paulo, Brazil, with public participation. In Abraji 20th anniversary, the 17th Congress will invite leading professionals […]

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Men shoot, attack and break equipment of journalists in the Brazilian city of Salvador de Bahía

"Armed criminals threatened teams of reporters from the TV channels Aratu and Band in Águas Claras, Salvador, in Brazil, on the morning of Feb. 1. The journalists were there to report on a homicide that occurred on Santa Tereza Street. The armed men fired into the air near press crews to intimidate the journalists. Band's […]

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Brazil mayor endangers journalist Giovani Grizotti by publicizing picture in video

"Local authorities in the southern Brazilian city of Bagé should stop harassing and attempting to censor investigative journalist Giovani Grizotti and allow the press to do their job without retaliation, the Committee to Protect Journalists said Wednesday. On January 13, Bagé mayor Divaldo Lara and communications officer Roberta Mércio shared a photo they claimed is of investigative […]

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Gender violence against journalists in Brazil totaled 119 cases in 2021, according to report

"During 2021, 89 journalists and media outlets were the target of 119 gender-related attacks related to their profession, which represents almost 10 cases of aggression, abuse, threats and intimidation per month. As a result of monitoring gender-based violence against journalists, carried out by the Associação Brasileira de Jornalismo Investigativo (Abraji), the data includes attacks involving […]