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IAPA condemns million-dollar lawsuit against media outlet and journalist in El Salvador

"The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) deemed a million-dollar lawsuit against El Diario de Hoy in El Salvador and one of its journalists to be intimidating. The organization condemned the disproportionate legal harassment that violates Inter-American standards protecting freedom of the press. Businessman Yakov Fauster is demanding five million dollars in compensation from Editorial Altamirano Madriz […]

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Police and soldiers criminally denounced for detaining journalist in El Salvador

"On Nov. 20, the Association of Journalists of El Salvador accompanied the filing of a criminal complaint against some 30 police officers, soldiers and prison guards for the illegal detention of a journalist in 2022, when she was covering the construction of a mega-prison for gang members. The complaint filed before the Attorney General's Office […]

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El Salvador: Congress repeals reform on gang messages in the media

“The Congress of El Salvador repealed on Thursday [Nov. 2] two reforms to eliminate provisions that punished media of all types if they disseminated messages that could come from gangs or criminal groups. The two reforms were approved on April 5, 2022 — at a time when President Nayib Bukele's government promoted heavy-handed policies to […]

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U.S. Delegation assesses setbacks to freedom of expression in El Salvador

"A mission of senior U.S. Government officials met this week with different civil society leaders to hear their perspectives on democracy and human rights and also learned about the 'setbacks' in freedom of expression registered by the Association of Journalists of El Salvador (APES, by its Spanish acronym). The delegation was led by the Deputy […]

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Climate Tracker and Oxfam call journalists from 9 Latin American countries to apply for workshop on climate change impact

"During two months, 30 selected journalists will participate in eight virtual meetings that will seek to highlight how climate change losses and damages are exacerbating multifaceted and interrelated problems in the region, such as climate-induced migration, population displacement, food insecurity and other factors, such as water scarcity, malnutrition and poverty. [...] For this edition, we […]

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Association of Journalists of El Salvador accuses Bukele of 'criminalizing' journalism

The Association of Journalists of El Salvador (APES, by its Spanish acronym) denounced this Thursday [Aug. 10] the criminalization of the journalistic profession by the Salvadoran president, Nayib Bukele, actions considered 'one more step towards the consolidation of a police and dictatorial state.' 'In a deliberate and irresponsible act, the president accuses three journalists: Bryan […]

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Report points out patterns of aggression against journalists in El Salvador

"The University Observatory of Human Rights of the Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas [in El Salvador] (OUDH, by its Spanish acronym) shared its annual report on freedom of the press and access to public information for the year 2022. It warns of patterns of attacks on journalists and setbacks in the exercise of journalism, access […]

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Professional association denounces torture of journalist in El Salvador prison

"The Association of Journalists of El Salvador (APES, for its Spanish acronym) denounced on Monday (July 10) the arbitrary detention of one of its colleagues, who was imprisoned for more than 11 months and who was tortured during the  “state of exception” in force since March 2022. 'The Association of Journalists of El Salvador (APES) […]

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El Salvador police chief threatens to imprison journalists who covered 2012 government-gang truce

"The government of Nayib Bukele has intensified its persecution against journalists. This Tuesday [June 6] the Salvadoran police chief, Mauricio Arriaza Chicas, said that reporters who denounced and investigated the secret negotiations between the government of then President Mauricio Funes and the maras, the gangs that spread terror in the Central American country and controlled […]

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Salvadoran digital news outlet El Faro turns 25 years old, amid the increasing authoritarianism facing Central American journalism

"El Faro is 25 years old. The road has been intense and full of challenges, which have led us to evolve, to mature our editorial processes and also to find our own voice in journalism. In a quarter of a century, El Faro has become one of the most dynamic and recognized representatives of Latin […]