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Equipo de Armando.Info de Venezuela

Armando.info, recognized by the Cabot Prize, seeks to build great archive of corruption and human rights violations in Venezuela

“With their colleagues, they continue covering the political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela exposing corruption, human rights violations, and environmental crimes, among others,” the Cabot jury said.

People sitting around tables drinking coffee

With coffee and conversation, Efecto Cocuyo seeks to improve coverage of Venezuelan migration in the Americas

In these guayoyos between allied organizations and media outlets, as well as Venezuelan migrants, the goal is to get closer to the massive story of the Venezuelan exodus that has reached multiple countries on the continent.

Boris Muñoz

Venezuelan journalist Boris Muñoz wins Cabot Prize and says Latin American journalism is living its best moment

It would be silly and a lie to say that I have not made mistakes. But the worst thing a journalist can do is believe that he knows something definitively.

Illustration of a court

Venezuelan Supreme Court orders news site La Patilla to pay politician US $5 million in moral damages

According to the Inter American Press Association (IAPA), 22 executives from the three publications were restricted from leaving Venezuela.

SNTP Venezuela logo

Periodistas venezolanos ingresan a la Asamblea Nacional luego de que la Guardia Nacional les hubiera negado el acceso por un mes

Pero en la mañana del 4 de junio, los periodistas y miembros de la oposición se abrieron paso a través de las puertas y en contra de los miembros de la GNB.

SNTP Venezuela logo

Venezuelan journalists make way into National Assembly after being denied access by national guard for one month

But on the morning of June 4, journalists and opposition members forced their way through the gates and past members of the GNB.