Assassin announces on Colombian radio that he was ordered to go after journalist

A member of the Colombian criminal organization Los Urabeños called in to a radio show in the northern city of Valledupar saying that he had been ordered to attack a journalist and several other individuals, reported the Colombian Foundation for Freedom of the Press (FLIP in Spanish).

Identified only as "Fabián," the man called Radio Guatapurí to say that he had been ordered to kill journalist Ana María Ferrer.

Ferrer is the host of the television program La Cuarta Columna (The Fourth Column) on Canal 12 and serves as an editorial adviser for the newspaper El Pilón and the head of communications for the Monitoring Committee for Royalty Investments. Ferrer said she was surprised by the threat, considering she does not cover the police or judicial issues. She reported the threat to the Interior Ministry and was assigned a police escort, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

"I don't understand what motivated this man to warn me, who, among other things, confirmed that he is supposed to kill me sometime in October," Ferrer wrote in a letter to FLIP.