Attorney General investigating Brazilian magazine for disclosing state irregularities

The Attorney General of the Brazilian state of Goias announced that he is opening an investigation into the magazine Carta Capital because the Sunday, April 1, edition was deemed offensive to the state and Governor Marconi Perillo, reported the news site Portal Terra.

The article in question, published under the headline "Crime Dominates Goias," disclosed an illegal network, between gambling business owner Carlinhos Cachoeira, senator Demóstenes Torres, and the governor of Goias, Marconi Perillo, identified during Federal Police's Monte Carlo Operation.

Carta Capital also noted it was "oddly difficult to find the edition in the newsstands of the Goiana capital," something that was made known via magazine readers' social networks, reported the news site Tribuna Hoje. According to the digital newspaper Brasil 247, unidentified persons in cars without license plates bought all the copies available from the newsstands in Goiânia, capital of Goiás.

According to Attorney General Ronald Bicca, the state of Goiás will ask for the right to publish a response in the same magazine redressing the governor of Goiás in an article of similar size as the one originally published, reported Portal Terra. According to Bicca, the report does not prove the facts and is not cautious with its conclusions about the federal police investigations.