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Journalists criticize Chávez’s posthumous journalism award in Venezuela

On Wednesday, June 5, former President Hugo Chávez posthumously received the National Journalism Award Simón Bolívar, reported newspaper El Universal. Even though the award's jury celebrated Chávez for his "role in fighting lies and mediatic manipulation," the relationship between the former president and the country's private media outlets was always tense.

After receiving political asylum in the U.S., Mexican photographer wants to return to reporting

After finally receiving political asylum in the United States, Mexican photographer Miguel Ángel López Solana wants to continue reporting -- despite the toll the job has taken on his life.

Digital media discuss their sustainability during 6th Ibero-American Colloquium for Online Journalism

The Sixth Ibero-American Colloquium took place on April 20 and 21, immediately after the Online Symposium for Online Journalism, also organized by the Knight Center. The event gathered dozens of journalists from Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, and explored three main topics: the sustainability of young news sites, the diversification of their revenue and the expansion of their audiences.

Venezuelan newspaper attacked with explosive, reports no injuries

An explosive was thrown in front of Venezuelan newspaper Panorama's building on May 27, reported the site La Patilla. No one was hurt and there were no damages. 

Maduro accuses CNN of inciting a coup d'etat in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro accused CNN en Español of inciting a coup d'etat in the country, reported newspaper El Universal. Maduro made the accusation during a speech broadcasted on Monday through TV channel Venezolana de Televisión (VTV).

Courts uphold prior censorship of Brazilian newspaper, which cannot report on political controversy since 2009

Judges from the Brazilian capital decided on Wednesday, May 22, to uphold an order to censor newspaper Estado de S. Paulo, which continues to be unable to publish news stories about a police operation that involved relatives of prominent politician José Sarney, reported the newspaper. 

Uruguay sends media bill to Parliament

The Uruguayan government submitted to Parliament on Tuesday, May 22 a bill that would set new telecommunication rules in the country.

Colombian news site La Silla Vacía sees opportunity in mixing regional coverage and digital narratives

Created in 2009 by acclaimed Colombian journalist Juanita León, news site La Silla Vacía ("The Empty Chair" in Spanish) was born with the mission of demystifying, one story at a time, the way that power works.

One year after its launch, Brazil's sunshine law is not evenly respected by public agencies, study finds

One year after Brazil's Access to Information law took effect, fewer than half of the public agencies respect the law and the Executive branch receives the most information requests--and complaints--from journalists.

Founder of Blog del Narco flees Mexico after colleague goes missing

The founder of the popular Mexican website Blog del Narco has fled the country after a colleague that helped her administer the site went missing.