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Agencia Pública launches project to crowdfund independent reporting in Brazil

Investigative news agency A Pública launched on August 8 its first collective fundraising project for independent reporting projects. Using website Catarse, the goal will be to raise enough money for 10 grants of 6,000 Brazilian reais ($2,640 USD) for Brazilian journalists to conduct their own investigations, which will be selected by the project's donors.

Unknown men shoot, kill radio host in Guatemala province

Guatemalan journalist and radio host Luis Lima was killed in the early morning of Tuesday, Aug. 6 in front of his radio station in the province of Zacapa, on the southeast side of the country, newspaper El País reported.

FARC ask Colombian government for financing to create their own media

As part of the peace negotations in Colombia, the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) asked last Friday for public financing to create their own media outlets, reported the news agency EFE.

Venezuelan editor detained, accused of alleged money laundering

Leocenis García, editor and director of the Venezuelan news media group 6to Poder, was charged and held at a military base on August 1 for alleged money laundering, reported Spanish news agency EFE.

Resignations at Globovisión suggest structural changes in Venezuela’s media landscape

The recent departure at least 11 journalists from Venezuelan broadcaster Globovisión has raised questions about the plurality of the media in the country. TV hosts Gladys Rodríguez, Román Lozinski, María Elena Lavaud, Roberto Giusti, María Isabel Párraga and Mary Montes, for instance, resigned a few days after the departure of well-known journalist Leopoldo Castillo, host of the TV show "Aló Ciudadano," news site America Economía reported.

Radio director gunned down, killed in Colombia

The programming director of a radio station in Colombia was shot and killed on July 29 in the city of Buga, located in Valle de Cauca, according to Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

A symbol of resistance: After closure of investigative magazine, journalists create new media outlet in Ecuador

The closure of the magazine Vanguardia in Ecuador at the end of June not only represented the loss of one of the few critical voices in the country -- it was also a devastating blow for the morale of the profession.

Venezuelan authorities seek to freeze assets of newspaper’s executive editor

Venezuela's attorney general is seeking to freeze the assets of the daily El Nacional's executive editor.

Media Factory, the world’s first news accelerator, wants to invest in Latin American projects

Mariano Blejman is a recipient of the Knight International Fellowship, and as part of his work to promote media innovation in the region, he recently created Media Factory, the first accelerator for news organizations in the world.

UN recognizes Colombian public TV station's work covering human rights

When acclaimed Colombian journalist Hollman Morris was named last year as the new manager of Bogotá's public TV station Canal Capital, it seemed like a risky strategy to remove most of the channel's commercial programming and devote more resources to covering human rights.