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Brazilian TV helicopter shot at during police raid on shanty town in Rio de Janeiro

The morning of Jan. 24, a helicopter for TV Globo was shot at three times as it attempted to film images of a police operation in a favela, or shanty town, in northern Río de Janeiro, reported Bom Dia Brasil. The shots to the base, center and tail of the aircraft forced the pilot to make an emergency landing at a nearby airport.

Home of newspaper editor bombed in southern Brazil

The house of Orley Antunes, editor of the Brazilian newspaper Morretes Notícia, was was the target of a bomb attack on Jan. 17 in the town of Morretes in the southern coastal state of Paraná, reported that same newspaper.

City employees punch Bolivian reporter

Rosío Flores, a journalist for the newspaper El Diario, was beaten by employees of the city council in El Alto, in western Bolivia, El Diario reported.

Latin American journalists use Knight Center’s online platform to do collaborative environmental reporting

Eighty-nine journalists from 11 countries in Latin America participated in the most recent environmental journalism training course organized by Colombia's Newsroom Council (CdR), an investigative journalism organization. The course was conducted on the distance education platform of the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas at Austin.

Bolivia accuses Paraguayan newspaper editor of helping ex-governor flee

Bolivia's presidential spokesman, Iván Canelas, accused the editor of the Paraguayan newspaper ABC Color, Aldo Zuccolillo, and a Paraguayan senator of helping the ex-governor of Tarija, Mario Cossío Cortez, flee the country, reported the newspapers Los Tiempos and Opinión.

Businessman threatens Brazilian news crew investigating land sale

The newspaper Novo Jornal reports that its journalists were not allowed to leave the offices of businessman Augusto Caldar Targino, ex director of the Rio Grande do Norte’s consumer protection agency, while he threatened and berated them. (Listen to a recording of the incident in Portuguese here.)

Brazilian photojournalist attacked by soccer team managers, then fired, for Twitter comments

Three managers of the Brazilian soccer team Palmeiras attacked news photographer Thiago Vieira, of the newspaper Agora (owned by media company Folha), because they felt "offended" by comments sent out via Twitter, reported Folha.com.

Bolivian journalist called to testify on source of video evidence

Bolivian prosecutor Marcelo Soza has ordered the media to reveal the source of a video in which a key witness in a terrorism investigation was allegedly paid to flee the country, Jornadanet reports.

Argentine protesters again block circulation of opposition dailies

Clarín and La Nación newspapers report that for five hours, 50 demonstrators obstructed the circulation of their Saturday editions by blocking trucks leaving the papers’ printing plants. The Argentine Association of Journalistic Entities (ADEPA) called this “one of the most serious attacks on press freedom in recent times in Argentina.”

Political party spokesman under house arrest after attacking TV journalists in Guatemala

Guatemalan journalists Jorge Toledo and Norman Rodas, of Channel 2 in the department, or state, of Quiché, had just finished covering a press conference of the Patriotic Party on Saturday, Jan. 15, when they were attacked by persons identified as members of the political party's communications team, reported Cerigua.