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Venezuela blocks “xenophobic” Colombian soap opera

Venezuela’s telecommunications agency, Conatel, ordered Televén to immediately stop broadcasting the Colombian telenovela soap opera “Chepe Fortuna” for promoting “political and racial intolerance, as well as xenophobia and crime advocacy,” Reuters and BBC Mundo report.

Google shuts down YouTube channel of government-run website in Cuba

The government-run Cuban website Cubadebate denounced Google for closing its YouTube channel for a supposed copyright “infraction” in a video related to the trial of anti-Castro militant Luis Posada Carriles.

Brazil's communications minister wants rule that limits regional media ownership

The new communications minister, Paulo Bernardo, said he supported a rule that bars a company from owning a radio station, newspaper, and TV station in the same region, Folha de S. Paulo reports. He made the statements in an interview with TV Brasil (see the video below).

Bomb detonates at television station's headquarters in Paraguayan capital

A home-made bomb exploded Wednesday at the headquarters of Channel 9 in Asunción, Paraguay, but no one was injured, reported Paraguay.com. The explosive detonated near the station's antenna and left a hole in the wall of the building, according to the newspaper ABC Color.

Brazilian mayor threatens TV crew investigating corruption

The mayor of Santa Branca, São Paulo, Odair Leal da Rocha Júnior (PMDB), threatened a crew for the Record TV network that was trying to interview him about alleged corruption in his administration, the station reports. Later that day, the mayor was arrested under suspicion of dealing drugs.

Bolivian reporter receives death threats through text messages

Journalist Carlos Torres, correspondent for Panamerican radio in the city of Sucre, in the south of Bolivia, received anonymous death threats via text message on his cell phone, reported the National Press Association (ANP).

Gunfire and a grenade damage offices of Mexican newspaper

Early in the morning of Jan. 11, an armed group fired shots and threw a grenade at the offices of El Norte newspaper in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Milenio reports. No one was wounded in the attack, but the grenade broke windows and damaged the exterior of the building, El Universal adds.

Ombudsman says Brazilian paper hurt itself by taking down parody blog

In a Jan. 9 column, the ombudsman for the Brazilian daily Folha de S. Paulo said the paper’s case against the Falha de S. Paulo (São Paulo Failure) parody blog was more harmful than the blog itself.

Ex-president’s security confiscates Brazilian newspaper crew’s equipment

While in a boat covering former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s vacation in the coastal city of Guarujá, two reporters for Folha de S. Paulo newspaper were stopped by a government-run security team and had their equipment confiscated, Folha reports.

Panamanian journalists oppose new bill that criminalizes “insults” against public officials

Two of Panama's government-allied deputies have announced a draft law that would jail those who “offend, insult, or vilify” the president or other government officials, prompting criticism from members of the opposition, journalists, and the Panamanian ombudsman, Telemetro and AFP reports.