Ex-soccer player forced to pay damages to photographer in Brazil

A court in Rio de Janeiro sentenced ex-soccer player Ronaldo Fenômeno to pay $5,400 in damages to a photographer, José Aveline Neto, reported the site SRZD. The athlete can appeal the decision, EFE added.

In 2002, during the World Cup games, Ronaldo took the camera of the photographer, who was taking photos of him in a nightclub, explained Veja. To the court, the ex-player caused "humiliation" and "embarrassment" by using his security guards to intimidate Aveline, the magazine added.

According to the court decision, available in Portuguese here, when the photographer asked for his camera back, the athlete said, "What camera? Do you all see a camera?"

The photographer is considering asking the court for more compensation because of his humiliation, according to UOL Esporte.