Brazilian judge lifts injunction protecting name of corrupt councilman

Judge Leonel Pires Ohlweiler of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil overturned the injunction preventing the RBS media group from releasing the name and image of a councilman accused of corruption, reported the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism.

Councilman Adenir Mengue Weber of the city of Dom Pedro de Alcântara was named in a series of reports presented in August 2011 on Grupo RBS' TV Globo program Fantástico about politicians accused of using public funds for personal travel.

Judge Pires said Weber led the court to commit the error when he omitted that he was being charged for the alleged crime, added the newspaper Jornal Floripa.

"Thankfully this was corrected," said the Grupo RBS Director Marcelo Rech, reported Estadão. "Any kind of censorship of the press is an attack against democracy and the Constitution," he said.

Recently, another politician, Carlinhos Rodrigues, mayor of Nova Lima, Minas Gerais, also asked a judge to prohibit the circulation of the magazine Viver Brasil after it ran a report criticizing him.

The Committee to Protect Journalists highlighted censorship in Brazilian courts in its February 2011 annual report.