Brazilian community radio director tries to stab rival host on air

The director of a community radio station in the Brazilian city of Araçagi, Paraíba tried to stab the host of another radio station during a live broadcast on Nov. 5, reported the news site Focando a Notícia.

The reporter, Marto de Cota, was hosting his radio program, "The Voice of Araçagi," for Rádio Constelação FM, when Beto Tavares, director of Marmaraú FM, burst into the studio to attack him. Studio staff detained Tavares before he could stab Cota but not before he beat and kicked the host, reported Portal Independente.

The attack followed accusations against the community radio station, noted the newspaper Folha Vip de Cajazeiras. According to Cota, Tavares' station had been involved in irregular contracts and charging exorbitant fees to local advertisers.