Brazilian newspaper owner shot to death

The co-owner and director of the Brazilian newspaper Costa Oeste was shot to death the evening of Saturday, March 24, in front of a beverage distribution company in the city of Santa Helena, in the interior of the state of Paraná, reported the newspaper Jornal de Santa Catarina.

Onei de Moura, 41 years old, was drinking with acquaintances when a man got out of his car, approached the journalist, and shot him three times in the chest, explained the news site Paraná Oeste. The newspaper Moura edited was known for its stories criticizing local politicians, according to the newspaper Correio do Lago.

Police said they identified the shooter using footage from security videos near where the crime occurred, but the motive behind the killing remains unknown. However, an investigator in the case said the editor and the suspect were drinking together at a bar earlier, reported Agência Estado.

In addition to co-owning the newspaper Moura was politically active in the city, which has a population of about 23,400. As such, some media outlets reported that his killing might have been politically motivated.