Brazilian newspapers consider launching platform for digital content

With an eye looking at a growing market in Brazil, driven in part by government efforts to make mobile technology more affordable, the National Association of Newspapers (ANJ in Portuguese) Digital Strategy Commission is considering unifying the distribution of digital editions of Brazilian newspapers for tablets, according to the site Teletime.

Currently, the process is developed separately through each newspaper's mobile application. The proposal would create a unique space to commercialize electronic editions of the country's biggest newspapers by the end of the year.

"It's better to sell together rather than separately. Strength in unity," explained Vice President of Circulation for ANJ and President of the Lance! Group Walter Mattos, Jr., reported Coletiva.net. The platform will also be a way to reduce dependence on the Apple App Store, which retains 30 percent of digital sales.

A recent survey by the North American consultancy ComScore reported that Brazilians read more newspapers with mobile devices (including tablets and smart phones) than any other country. Brazil's first newspaper exclusively published for the iPad, O Brasil, launched earlier this year.

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