Businessman sues journalist over corruption ring allegation in Brazil

Opinion pieces written by Brazilian journalist José Marcondes have made him the target of lawsuits from businessman Aldo Locatelli and Senator Pedro Taques in the state of Mato Grosso, reported Mídia News.

Locatelli and Taques are both named by the journalist as participants in a corruption scheme known as the "Gas Mafia." In his article, Marcondes compares the businessman to a "powerful kingpin" with an undeclared multimillion dollar fortune, according to Território MT.

Locatelli is suing the journalist for over $11,500 (BRL 21,000) in moral damages on top of his legal fees.

Marcondes has received threats since his accusations of corruption in the western Brazilian state were published and was even removed from his position as a political commentator for an area radio station.